trying to use ststistics handler in 9.3.x

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trying to use ststistics handler in 9.3.x

Brian Reichert
I'm currently running 9.3.8.v20160314.

I'm trying to explore the statistics handler has described here:

That page refers to:

- Connector statistics
- Request statistics

among other things.

I'm trying to employ both, but I'm running into grief, and don't
know how to work around it.

First, to describe the results of setting up connector statistics:

The connector stats effort is confusing me.  That page above describes
adding a bean, like this, to my connector:

        <!-- Enable Connection Statistics -->
        <Call name="addBean">
              <New id="ConnectionStatistics"

but, that effort fails when I start the server:

  Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

This Stackoverflow thread says I should perhaps be using a different

    The ConnectorStatistics module has been deprecated in 9.3.14+.
    Use ServerConnectionStatistics.addToAllConnectors(server);

When I replace my addbean above with this other class:

  New id="ConnectionStatistics"

That also yields a java.lang.ClassNotFoundException exception.

- Would upgrading from 9.3.8.v20160314 to something newer than
  9.3.14 allow this latter class to work the way I'm trying to use

- Should the ConnectionStatistics class be working for the version
  I'm currently using?

In contrast, my efforts to employ the request stats was easy, and
nothing broke:

  java -jar {$jetty.home}/start.jar --stats

But I don't see what beans this exposes; I don't see anything obvious
when I review things with jconsole.

What should I be seeing?

Brian Reichert <[hidden email]>
BSD admin/developer at large
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