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maven jetty:run pluginGroup resolution


I'm getting an issue with the maven jetty:run goal. It was working fine and then started to download version 7 of the plugin which broke our configuration. It also appeared as though the plugin was not respecting our version numbers in the pluginManagement section.

I was simply typing

mvn jetty:run

with a settings.xml file configuration of

After playing around with the build some more I found that by explicitly specifying the plugin name like this

mvn org.mortbay.jetty:maven-jetty-plugin:run

forces maven to use the version (6) specified in our pluginManagement section according to the old plugin name.

So it appear that since the release of version 7, the pluginGroup inner workings always resolve to the new jetty-maven-plugin name, and this prompts maven to download a version 7+.

Is there any elegant way for us to continue to use the shorthand mvn jetty:run and have this resolve to the old plugin name?