[jetty-users] embedding jetty for a servlets app, understanding deployments

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[jetty-users] embedding jetty for a servlets app, understanding deployments

S Ahmed
I have deployed to tomcat before, and when tomcat is running I can delete the exploded war folder and then copy my new code to webapps folder and my new code is live.

I believe jetty works the same way.

Now with embedded jetty, how does this work?  I'm trying to understand how I will deploy my application, and how I can automate deployment.

So it seems I will fireup jetty from a 'main' application i.e. I will add a java 'main' class that will setup/configure jetty and then start it.

Now when I want to update my web application, what will I do?  
Do I have to setup a script to start/stop the web application (with jetty embedded) first and then simply upload my code, and then run the start script?

So in a sense, pushing code to a webapps with a non-embedded jetty deployment strategy is a bit less involved in that I don't have to start/stop the service.

My plan is the have nginx running on port 80, and then have that proxy to jetty running on port 8080 and port 8081 (I plan on having 2 instances of jetty running).

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