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[jetty-users] Unix domain socket instead of TCP

Béla Ézsiás

I'm trying to use Jetty WebSocket API over Unix domain socket instead of TCP in order to get better
performance when the client and server are on the same machine. I'm using http://code.google.com/p/junixsocket/ API which
extends the Java Socket API. I was trying to convince Jetty to use that socket implementation, but I get stuck.
First, I was trying to extend SocketConnector returning an AFUNIXServerSocket instance by overriding newServerSocket() method.
On the client side I was trying to replace the default SocketFactory with custom one which create an AFUNIXSocket instance
connecting to the same file but it didn't work. I realized that the websocket client API used non-blocking SocketChannels. I was
trying to create a custom SocketChannel implementation and overriding the default SelectorProvider in order to return my custom instance
but it didn't work.

So I have no idea how to register a SocketChannel which uses a unix socket and how to convince the websocket client api to use that...

I'm new to Jetty and socket programming so if I'm on a wrong path please guide me to the right direction!

Thanks for any help!


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