[jetty-users] Porting apps from integrated tomcat to jetty problem

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[jetty-users] Porting apps from integrated tomcat to jetty problem


I currently have 6 web apps deployed into an integrated tomcat eclipse server but am trying to convert this over to use an integrated jetty server. I'm having to use Jetty 7.4 as the apps I am trying to port across are JDK 1.5 compiled.

I appear to have successfully added each of the apps into Jetty using the server launch window (I can see them in the server window) but if you look on the modules tab of the launch window there are no apps/contexts displayed. The server starts up with no errors but when I try to hit the apps from a browser it gives me a 404 with nothing being reported in any log file.

I have added the database resources to the jetty.xml within eclipse (rather than the downloaded jetty directory) but I am unsure where and how to define the contexts. Presumably these must also be in jetty.xml similar to server.xml in tomcat but I have been unable to find any documentation on how to define this. Most of the docs refer to deploying war files to contexts directory within the distributed jetty folder but I am using an integrated jetty and won't have war files.

Any help would be most appreciated.



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