[jetty-users] Jetty does not recognize new .war-File

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[jetty-users] Jetty does not recognize new .war-File

Hendrik Schenk

i use jetty 7.4.5 for a long while and had not problem until now.

I used to deploy my .war file to jetty and test it. the hot deployment works very well and jetty recognize my changes at every new hot deployment.

But suddenly he does not recogrnize my changes in the war file. Jetty seems to use the old version of the war file and not the new one. But there is no old one and only the new one.

i tried to restart the server, but no success. I also tried to delete the war file and redeployed it. No success!

Whats wrong? It worked very nice, but now it does not!!!

Please Help and thank you for your help in advance

best regards

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