[jetty-users] Adding timing logs to ProxyServlet

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[jetty-users] Adding timing logs to ProxyServlet

Gian Luca Ortelli

I'm using ProxyServlet.Transparent in my webapp (version
8.1.0.v20120127). I need to log the time spent by Transparent in
handling each request.

My first idea was to subclass Transparent and override init() to add a
custom listener to _client. This custom listener of mine would do all
the needed logging. Anyway, I found that doing so I delete the
registration of a default listener, which is needed for the correct
functioning of the Transparent. The result is that the requests wait

Any idea on how I could achieve what I need?


PS. no idea if the topic was already brought up; a search feature
would help a lot in the mailing list.
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