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jetty-hightide-6.1H.22 Release

Jan Bartel
Release 6.1H.22 is now available of jetty-hightide from

For more information on hightide, go to

This release is based on jetty-6.1.22:
 + Fixed XSS issue in demo CometDump servlet
 + JETTY-937 More JVM bug work arounds. Insert pause if all else fails
 + JETTY-983 Send content-length with multipart ranges
 + JETTY-1120 Requests with no body are treated as complete even if there's a LF left to read
 + JETTY-1121 Merge Multipart query parameters
 + JETTY-1122 Handle multi-byte utf that causes buffer overflow
 + JETTY-1129 Filter control characters out of StdErrLog
 + JETTY-1135 Handle connection closed before accepted during JVM bug work around
 + JETTY-1144 Fixed multi-byte character overflow
 + JETTY-1148 Reset partially read request reader.
 + COMETD-28 Improved concurrency usage in Bayeux and channel handling
 + 289221 HttpExchange does not timeout when using blocking connector
 + 290761 HttpExchange.waitForDone()
 + 291340 state==HEADER (Race condition in onException() notifications)
 + 292546 Proactively enforce HttpClient idle timeout
 + CVE-2009-3555 Prevent SSL renegotiate for SSL vulnerability

and also includes the following updates:
+ cometd to 1.0.0rc0
+ dojo to 1.3.2
+ slf4j to 1.5.6
+ atomikos to 3.5.8


Jan Bartel, Webtide LLC | [hidden email] |

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