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[jetty-discuss] Releases 5.1.5rc2 & 6.0.0beta0

Greg Wilkins-5

Jetty Releases 5.1.5rc2 and 6.0.0beta0 are now available via http://jetty.mortbay.org

5.1.5rc2 fixes a number of minor J2EE compliance problems

Jetty-5.1.5rc2 - 7 October 2005
 + Reverted dispatcher params to RI rather than spec behaviour.
 + ProxyHandler can handle chained proxies
 + unsynchronized ContextLoader
 + ReFixed merge of Dispatcher params
 + public ServerMBean constructor
 + UTF-8 encoding for URLs
 + Response.setLocale will set locale even if getWriter called.

6.0.0beta0 has switched to use the maven2 build tool and a few more
features implemented.

    + Maven 2 build
    + Dispatcher parameters
    + UTF-8 encoding for URLs
    + Fixed blocking read

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