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Beta 8 release of Jetty 6.0.0 is now available via http://jetty.mortbay.org

The artifact jars are available from the MortBay release repository at
http://www.mortbay.com/maven2/release and will also be mirrored to ibiblio.

The changes are:

Jetty-6.0.0Beta8  - 25 January 2005
    + fixed dispatch of new session problem. sf:1407090
    + reinstated rfc2616 test harness
    + Handle pipeline requests without hangs
    + Removed queue from thread pool.
    + improved caching of content types
    + fixed bug in overloaded write method on HttpConnection (reported against Tapestry4.0)
    + hid org.apache.commons.logging and org.slf4j packages from webapp
    + maven-jetty6-plugin stopped transitive inclusion of log4j and
      commons-logging from commons-el for jasper
    + patch to remove spurious ; in HttpFields
    + improve buffer return mechanism.
    + conveniance addHandler removeHandler methods
    + maven-jetty6-plugin: ensure compile is done before invoking jetty
    + maven-jetty6-plugin: support all types of artifact dependencies


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