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Greg Wilkins-5
Jetty release 5.1.7 is now available via http://jetty.mortbay.org

This is a minor update release that will hopefully be the release
in Geronimo 1.0

Jetty-5.1.7 - 7 December 2005
Jetty-5.1.7rc0 - 6 December 2005
 + improved server stats
 + char encoding for MultiPartRequest
 + fixed merging of POST params in dispatch query string.
 + protect from NPE in dispatcher getValues
 + Updated to 2.6.2 xerces
 + JSP file servlet mappings copy JspServlet init params.
 + Prefix servlet context logs with org.mortbay.jetty.context
 + better support for URI character encodings
 + use commons logging jar instead of api jar.

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