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Greg Wilkins-5

Jetty Release 5.1.5 is now available via http://jetty.mortbay.org

This is a maintenance release with many minor fixes.  Jetty development is now
firmly fixed on Jetty 6 and 5.1.5 should be a long lasting release.

Jetty-5.1.5 - 10 November 2005
 + Improved shutdown hook
 + Improved URL Decoding

Jetty-5.1.5rc2 - 7 October 2005
 + Reverted dispatcher params to RI rather than spec behaviour.
 + ProxyHandler can handle chained proxies
 + unsynchronized ContextLoader
 + ReFixed merge of Dispatcher params
 + public ServerMBean constructor
 + UTF-8 encoding for URLs
 + Response.setLocale will set locale even if getWriter called.

Jetty-5.1.5rc1 - 23 August 2005
 + upgraded to commons logging 1.0.4
 + Release commons logging factories when stopping context.
 + Fixed illegal state with chunks and 100 continue - Tony Seebregts
 + Fixed PKCS12Import input string method
 + Fixed merge of Dispatcher parameters
 + Encoded full path in ResourceHandler directory listing
 + handle extra params after charset in header
 + Fixed 100-continues with chunking and early commit

Jetty-5.1.5rc0 - 16 August 2005
 + Fixed component remove memory leak for stop/start cycles
 + Facade over commons LogFactory so that discovery may be avoided.
 + Applied ciphersuite patch from tonyj
 + Authenticators use servlet sendError
 + HttpTunnel timeout
 + NPE protection for double stop in ThreadedServer
 + Expect continues only sent if input is read.

Jetty-5.1.4 - 5 June 2005
 + Fixed FTP close issue.
 + setup MX4J with JDK1.5 in start.config
 + set classloader during webapp doStop
 + NPE protection in ThreadedServer
 + ModelMBean handles null signatures
 + Change JAAS impl to be more flexible on finding roles

Jetty-5.1.4rc0 - 19 April 2005
 + ServletHttpContext correctly calls super.doStop.
 + HttpServer delegates component handling to Container.
 + Allow ServletHandler in normal HttpContext again.
 + Stop start.jar putting current directory on classpath.
 + More protection from null classloaders.
 + Turn off web.xml validation for JBoss.

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