[jetty-dev] Staged Potential Release: Jetty 9.3.20.v20170531

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[jetty-dev] Staged Potential Release: Jetty 9.3.20.v20170531

Joakim Erdfelt-8

 + 523 TLS close behaviour breaking session resumption
 + 1108 Please improve logging in SslContextFactory when there are no approved
   cipher suites
 + 1527 Jetty BOM should not depend on jetty-parent
 + 1556 A timing channel in Password.java
 + 1567 XmlConfiguration will start the same object multiple times

This is a potential releaseĀ of the Jetty 9.3.x branch, and exists on a oss.sonatype.org staging repository.
Pending approval, this specific staged release will be promoted to official and start to show up in the usual places.

Staging Repository:

Joakim Erdfelt / [hidden email]

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