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[jetty-dev] 9.2.x vs 9.3.x and RFC7230

Greg Wilkins-3


the master branch is currently building 9.2.x and we have a branch for 9.3.x which includes work for:
  • RFC7230 updates
  • HTTP/2 experimentation
  • Some good code cleanups inspired by both of the above.

Having stopped doing parallel development on jetty-7/8/9 branches, I'm not really keen to get back into the same state with having parallel 9.2/9.3 branches for a long time.

Assuming that we have not broken anything with the "good code cleanups", (which is something we need to test with some RC releases),  I'm thinking that we should move sooner rather than later to make 9.3.x the master branch.

The changes for RFC7230 should not break the vast majority of users (that was the charter of the new RFC - to encode normal practise in the spec).  Any users that are affected, are probably going to be affected anyway as clients adapt to RFC7230.

The HTTP/2 connector is going to remain experimental for some time, but there is no harm having it in the master branch.

Thus I am currently thinking we should do a 9.2.2 stable release and then immediately look to do a 9.3.0.RC0 and move to 9.3.0 soon after that.  


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