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[ jetty-Bugs-1280537 ] HttpFields.getDateField exception

Bugs item #1280537, was opened at 2005-09-02 11:21
Message generated for change (Comment added) made by gregwilkins
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Category: HTTP protocol
Group: None
Status: Open
>Resolution: Invalid
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Dara O'Donnell (daraodonnell)
>Assigned to: Greg Wilkins (gregwilkins)
Summary: HttpFields.getDateField exception  

Initial Comment:
When trying to retrieve the 'IfModifiedSince' date
field from a HttpRequest using the getDateField method
like this:


the following exception was thrown

org.mortbay.http.HttpConnection exception
WARNING: GET /utilities.js HTTP/1.0
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Tue, 0? Jul 2005

From the trace it can be seen that the problem is
caused by the division character appearing in the date
field. Regardless of why the date field arrived at the
server in an illegal state, would it be better to have
the HttpMessage.getDateField method return a value of
-1 instead of throwing an exception?  


>Comment By: Greg Wilkins (gregwilkins)
Date: 2005-09-11 19:35

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While I may agree that -1 would be better, unfortunately the
javadoc of the javax.servlet headers says:

     * <p>If the request did not have a header of the
     * specified name, this method returns -1. If the header
     * can't be converted to a date, the method throws
     * an <code>IllegalArgumentException</code>.


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