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jdni, jetty, webobjects. how?

Randy Becker
Hi, I'm a newbie to just about everything important here, but here's  
what I know:

I'm using webobjects, and deploying to a war.
The war depends upon a data source with the jndi name of jdbc/
My host has given me a URL of the type jdbc:mysql://host/database?
user=username&password=password to connect to my database.
I need to associate jdbc/DefaultDataSource with jdbc:mysql://host/
database?user=username&password=password in order for my app to work.
I think this is supposed to be done in a jetty.xml or jetty-web.xml  
file, but I can't figure out what its contents should be.
Do I need JettyPlus to map the jdni name to the database?


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