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[i-jetty] i-jetty release 1.1 for Android

Jan Bartel

Release 1.1 of Jetty for Android (i-jetty) is now available
from the download site http://code.google.com/p/i-jetty/downloads/list.

This release of i-jetty requires Android release 1.0r1.

The following files are available to download:

    i-jetty-debug-1.1.apk  - prebuilt installable application
    readme-release-1.1.txt - release notes
    i-jetty-1.1-src.zip    - src bundle

The notable changes for this release are:

  + console web application now bundled with the application and
    automatically installed on startup

  + console web application now provides for creation, update
    and deletion of phone Contacts

  + i-jetty port number, use of NIO or blocking IO and password for
    the console webapp are now configurable

  + i-jetty is now able to download and install
    Android-ized web applications on demand. Two web applications are
    available for download:

     + hello-1.1.war
       A simple web application with content generated by a Servlet.

     + chat-1.1.war
       A complex web application using ajax Cometd to provide a

Jan Bartel, Webtide LLC | [hidden email] | http://www.webtide.com

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