how to configure JVMTI library with Jetty

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how to configure JVMTI library with Jetty


I am using jetty6.1.19 for one of my application in which I need to monitor the thread of my application running in the JVM. For this I need to configure a jvmti-win32.dll and a profile.jar file in the with jvm instance in which Jetty web container will start running.

I have trying the below command to configure it:

java -agentpath:"D:\installable\jetty-6.1.19\jvmti-win32" -javaagent:"D:\installable\jetty-6.1.19\Profiler.jar" -Xbootclasspath/a:"D:\installable\jetty-6.1.19\Profile
r.jar" -jar start.jar

Please provide me some solution so that I could configure my profile.jar and dll with jetty.
Any reply will be appriciated.