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We have just upgraded ijetty to the 1.0_r1 release.
The work is not finished yet, but I wanted to give
everyone a heads-up.

You need to checkout:


at revision 118.

IJetty should now start, and you should be able to hit
the url http://localhost:8080.

Note that we have yet to finish porting the changes to
the Android apis, so the console webapp at http://localhost:8080/console
will probably report some errors.

We'll post again when those issues are ironed out.

In the meanwhile, ijetty trunk remains at android sdk m5-rc15
until our port to 1.0_rc1 on the branch is complete, at which
time it will become trunk. We will let everyone know before
that happens.

Oh, and be sure and check out the new android phone:

If anyone wanted to donate the Jetty project a handset,
we'd be very grateful and buy you a beer at the next



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