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Webtide Jetty Update: Oct

Greg Wilkins

__Webtide has produced one of the first Ajax/Comet benchmarks.


The workloads are designed to reflect real world situations, with  
large numbers of concurrent users, large numbers of connections with  
high activity, and real work performed on each message.  The outcome  
shows great scaling on minimal commodity hardware (to drive home the  
point, a Mac Mini, even!).  Consider these methods for the  
infrastructure in your upcoming rich internet application projects.

__Bayeux Protocol 1.0 due November 1, demo available now.

Bayeux: http://svn.xantus.org/shortbus/trunk/bayeux/bayeux.html
Cometd: http://www.cometd.com/
Webtide Demo from AjaxWorld: http://www.webtide.com/sessionRater/

Bayeux as implemented in Cometd is for bi-directional Ajax.  
Essentially your applications can have a message bus over HTTP  
through port 80 allowing highly scalable event based and server push  
based applications.  By putting communications into channels, Cometd  
can also handle items such as browsers' 2 connection limits and some  
good security options are available.  Consider enhancing your  
applications with this open source package.  Webtide authored the  
Java reference implementation.

__Jetty powering more than 200,000 domains.


Over 220,000 according to Netcraft. It is gratifying to see Jetty's  
rapid growth, and we know it is in far more places than this with its  
ease of embedding, high performance, and ease of use.  An interesting  
nugget for you.

__Eclipse and Jetty.


Webtide is now an official member of the Eclipse Foundation.  The  
Eclipse Web Standard Tools project extends the Eclipse platform with  
many useful tools for building and testing web applications.
Webtide has made available a plugin which allows developers to use  
Jetty within the WST environment. The plugin allows you to control
a Jetty instance (ie stop/(re)start) using the standard Eclipse WST  
menu options. Additionally, Eclipse-based webapps can also
deployed, undeployed and automatically hot redeployed to Jetty using  
the standard Eclipse controls.

__Hightide releasing soon.


Check back shortly to find a distribution of Jetty, still open  
source, preintegrated with popular packages such as ActiveMQ,  
Atomikos, and more.  The snapshot will be supported for subscribers  
indefinitely.  Look to Hightide for installations that you would like  
to keep static and stable for years on end.  We look forward to  
working with you.

__Jetty 6.1.6 release and RPMs.  Convenient RPM packaging, plus the  
following improvements for your projects.
+ Added jetty.lib system property to start.config
+ AJP13 Fix on chunked post
+ Fix cached header optimization for extra characters
+ SetUID option to support setgid
+ Make mx4j used only if runtime uses jdk<1.5
+ Moved Grizzly to contrib
+ Give deployment file Scanner threads a unique name
+ Fix typo in async client onResponsetHeader method name
+ Tweak OSGi manifests to remove unneeded imports
+ Allow scan interval to be set after Scanner started
+ Add jetty.host system property
+ Allow properties files on the XmlConfiguration command line.
+ Prevent infinite loop on stopping with temp dir
+ Ensure session is completed only when leaving context.
+ Update terracotta to 2.4.1 and exclude ssl classes
+ Update jasper2.1 to tag SJSAS-9_1-B58C-FCS-22_Aug_2007
+ Removal of unneeded dependencies from management, maven-plugin,  
naming &  plus poms
+ Adding setUsername,setGroupname to setuid and mavenizing native build
+ UTF-8 for bayeux client
+ Added protection for response splitting with bad headers.
+ Cached user agents strings in the /org/mortbay/jetty/useragents  
+ Make default time format for RequestLog match NCSA default
+ Use terracotta repo for build; make jetty a terracotta module
+ Fix patch for java5 to include cometd module
+ Added ConcatServlet to combine javascript and css
+ Add ability to persist sessions with HashSessionManager
+ Avoid FULL exception in window between blockForOutput and remote close
+ Added JPackage RPM support
+ Added JSON.Convertable
+ JETTY-259 SystemRoot set for windows CGI
+ JETTY-311 avoid json keywords
+ JETTY-376 allow anything but CRLF in reason string
+ JETTY-398 Allow same WADI Dispatcher to be used across multiple web-
app contexts
+ JETTY-400 consume CGI stderr
+ JETTY-402 keep HashUserRealm in sync with file
+ JETTY-403 Allow long content length for range requests
+ JETTY-404 WebAppDeployer sometimes deploys duplicate webapp
+ JETTY-405 Default date formate for r
+ JETTY-405 Default date formate for reqest log
+ JETTY-407 AJP handles unknown content length
+ JETTY-413 Make rolloveroutputstream timer daemon
+ JETTY-422 Allow <Property> values to be null in config files
+ JETTY-423 Ensure javax.servlet.forward parameters are latched on  
first forward
+ JETTY-425 Handle duplicate stop calls better
+ JETTY-430 improved cometd logging
+ JETTY-431 HttpClient soTimeout

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