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Greg Wilkins-5

Jetty release Jetty 6.1.0 is now available via http:/

6.1.x is now the stable release of Jetty and replaces the 6.0.x series
which is now deprecated.

A full description of the new features of 6.1 can be found

jetty-6.1.0 - 5 Jan 2007
 + Improved config of java5 threadpool
 + Protect context deployer from Errors
 + Added WebAppContext.setCopyWebDir to avoid JVM jar caching issues.
 + GERONIMO-2677 refactor of session id handling for clustering
 + ServletTester sets content length
 + Added extras/win32service
 + JETTY-206 fixed AJP getServerPort and getRemotePort

jetty-6.1.0rc3 - 2 Jan 2007
 + JETTY-195 fixed ajp ssl_cert handling
 + JETTY-197 fixed getRemoteHost
 + JETTY-203 initialize ServletHandler if no Context instance
 + JETTY-205 setuid fix
 + setLocale does not use default content type
 + Use standard releases of servlet and jsp APIs.
 + implement resource injection and lifecycle callbacks declared in web.xml
 + extras/servlet-tester

jetty-6.1.0rc2 - 20 December 2006
 + AJP13Parser, throw IllegalStateException on unimplemented AJP13 Requests
 + ContextHandlerCollection is noop with no handlers
 + ensure servlets initialized if only using ServletHandler
 + fixed Jetty-197 AJP13 getRemoteHost()
 + Refactored AbstractSessionManager for ehcache
 + ensure classpath passed to jspc contains file paths not urls
 + JETTY-194 doubles slashes are significant in URIs
 + JETTY-167 cometd refactor
 + remove code to remove SecurityHandler if no constraints present
 + JETTY-201 make run-as work for both web container and ejb container in jboss
 + ensure included in jsp-2.1 jar

jetty-6.1.0rc1 - 14 December 2006
 + simplified idle timeout handling
 + JETTY-193 MailSessionReference without authentication
 + JETTY-199 newClassPathResource
 + ensure unique name for ServletHolder instances
 + added cache session manager(pre-alpha)

jetty-6.1.0rc0 - 8 December 2006
 + JETTY-181 Allow injection of a java:comp Context
 + JETTY-182 Optionally set JSP classpath initparameter
 + Dispatcher does not protect javax.servlet attributes
 + DefaultHandler links virtual hosts.
 + Fixed cachesize on invalidate
 + Optimization of writers
 + ServletHandler allows non REQUEST exceptions to propogate
 + TCK fixes from Sybase:
   * Handle request content encodings
   * forward query attribute fix
   * session attribute listener
   * Servlet role ref
   * flush if content-length written
   * 403 for BASIC authorization failure
   * null for unknown named dispatches
 + JETTY-184 cometd connect non blocking
 + Support for RFC2518 102-processing response
 + JETTY-123 fix improved
 + Added org.mortbay.thread.concurrent.ThreadPool
 + Added extras/gwt
 + Fixed idle timeout
 + JETTY-189 ProxyConnection
 + Added spring ejb3 demo example
 + update jasper to glassfish SJSAS-9_1-B27-EA-07_Dec_2006
 + fixed JETTY-185 tmp filename generation

jetty-6.1.0pre3 - 22 November 2006
 + fixed NIO endpoint flush. Avoid duplicate sends
 + Upgraded session ID generation to use SecureRandom
 + updated glassfish jasper to tag SJSAS-9_1-B25-EA-08_Nov_2006
 + JETTY-180 XBean support for context deploy
 + JETTY-154 Cookies are double quotes only
 + Expose isResumed on Continuations
 + Refactored AJP generator

jetty-6.1.0pre2 - 20 Nov 2006
 + Added extraClassPath to WebAppContext
 + Fixed resource cache flushing
 + Clean up jboss module licensing

jetty-6.1.0pre1 - 19 Nov 2006
 + Use ContextDeployer as main deployer in jetty.xml
 + Added extras/jboss
 + Major refactor of SelectChannel EndPoint for client selector
 + Fixed NPE in bio.SocketEndPoint.getRemoteAddr()
 + Reverted UnixCrypt to use coersions (that effected results)
 + JETTY-151 Idle timeout only applies to blocking operations
 + alternate optimizations of writer (use -Dbuffer.writers=true)
 + JETTY-171 Fixed filter mapping
 + JETTY-172 use getName() instead of toString
 + JETTY-173 restore servletpath after dispatch
 + release resource lookup in Default servlet
 + Simplified ResourceCache and Default servlet
 + Added override descriptor for deployment of RO webapps
 + Added hierarchical destroy of mbeans
 + JETTY-151 refactored writers

jetty-6.1.0pre0 - 21 Oct 2006
 + add <Property> replacement in jetty xml config files
 + make .tag files work in packed wars
 + add hot deployment capability
 + ensure setContextPath() works when invoked from jetty-web.xml
 + ensure sessions nulled out on request recycle; ensure session null after invalidate
 + ensure "" returned for ServletContext.getContextPath() for root context
 + Fixed tld parsing for maven plugin
 + Improved * files and specialized some MBean
 + Added conversion Object -> ObjectName for the result of method calls made on MBeans
 + JETTY-129 ServletContextListeners called after servlets are initialized
 + change examples/test-jndi-webapp so it can be regularly built
 + added isStopped() in LifeCycle and AbstractLifeCycle
 + fixed isUserInRole checking for JAASUserRealm
 + fixed ClassCastException in JAASUserRealm.setRoleClassNames(String[])
 + add a maven-jetty-jspc-plugin to do jspc precompilation
 + added examples/test-jaas-webapp
 + (re)make JAAS classes available to webapp classloader
 + CGI example in test webapp
 + Plugin shutdown context before stopping it.
 + Added concept of bufferred endpoint
 + Factored ErrorPageErrorHandler out of WebAppContext
 + Refactored ErrorHandler to avoid statics
 + Transforming classloader does not transform resources.
 + SocketConnector closes all connections in doStop
 + Improved charset handling in URLs
 + minor optimization of bytes to UTF8 strings
 + JETTY-112 ContextHandler checks if started
 + JETTY-113 support optional query char encoding on requests
 + JETTY-114 removed utf8 characters from code
 + JETTY-115 Fixed addHeader
 + added cometd chat demo
 + JETTY-119 cleanedup Security optimizatoin
 + Refactored session lifecycle and additional tests
 + JETTY-121 init not called on externally constructed servlets
 + JETTY-124 always initialize filter caches
 + JETTY-126 handle content > Integer.MAX_VALUE
 + JETTY-123 handle windows UNC paths
 + JETYY-120 SelectChannelConnector closes all connections on stop
 + Added ID constructor to AbstractSessionManager.Session
 + Allow session cookie to be refreshed
 + Added DataFilter configuration to cometd
 + Added extras/setuid to support start as root
 + Apply queryEncoding to getQueryString
 + JETTY-118 ignore extra content after close.
 + HttpGenerator can generate requests
 + Ported HtAccessHandler
 + Start of a client API
 + Session IDs can change worker ID
 + Default soLinger is -1 (disabled)
 + AJP Connector

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