SSL and Chunked encoding

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SSL and Chunked encoding

I am using transfer-encoding and Continuations quite happily and have been for a while.
This enabled a Duplex Http connection.

The problem is when this happens through the SSL connector, no data is sent to the client.  The First part (Chunk) of the response is correctly written, but not data reaches the client after that.

Is there something that has to happen differently when SSL is used over chunked encoding?

The connections are still valid, and it is possible to write to the response output stream, it just doesn't seem to be going on the wire.

The stream is being flushed, and I am wrapping the message in the correct Chunked Encoding headers and this works a dream just using HTTP.

Its not a cert thing, as I can access the web server using https and the SSL hadshake completes OK.

Any ideas?