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Release Jetty-7.4.0.v20110414

Greg Wilkins-3
Jetty@eclipse and Jetty-hightide@codehaus releases 7.4.0.v20110414
are now available via

This release contains many minor bug fixes, optimizations and
improvements over 7.3 as well as some new features and minor API

You can read about the new features at
Also support for websocket draft 6 and anticipation of draft 7 has
meant a refactor of the websocket serverside API. You can read about
an example of the latest websocket API at

This is a moderately low risk upgrade from Jetty-7.3, so an upgrade is
recommended at the next convenient opportunity.


 + 342504 Scanner Listener
 + 342700 refine websocket API for anticipated changes
 + JETTY-1362 Set root cause of UnavailableException
 + Various test harness cleanups to avoid random failures

 + 324110 Added test harnesses for merging of QueryStrings.
 + 337685 Update websocket API in preparation for draft -07
 + 338627 HashSessionManager.getIdleSavePeriod returns milliseconds
instead of seconds
 + 338807 Ignore content length in 1xx, 204, 304 responses
 + 338819 Externally control Deployment Manager application lifecycle
 + 339084 Fixed NPE with servlet 3.0 async listener
 + 339150 Validate client certificate when it is used for authentication
 + 339187 In the OSGi manifest of the jetty-all-server aggregate, mark
javax.annotation as optional
 + 339543 Add configuration options for Certificate Revocation checking
 + 340265 Improve handling of io shutdown in SSL
 + 340621 Added SizedThreadPool interface
 + 340636 HashSessionManager lazy loads all sessions
 + 340838 Update ConnectHandler to perform half closes properly
 + 340878 Integrations should be able to load their own keystores
 + 340920 Dynamically assign RMI registry port for integration testing
 + 340949 Scanner delays file notifications until files are stable
 + 341006 Move inner enums out into separate file
 + 341105 Stack trace is printed for an ignored exception
 + 341145 WebAppContext MBean attribute serverClasses returns empty value
 + 341171 Locking in HttpDestination blocks all requests to the same address
 + 341206 Stop order is wrong in HandlerWrapper
 + 341255 org.eclipse.http usage in AJP/SessionId linkage
 + 341386 Remote close not detected by HttpClient
 + 341394 Remove 'Unavailable' JMX attributes of WebAppContext MBean
 + 341439 Blocking HttpClient does not use soTimeout for timeouts
 + 341561 Exception when adding o.e.j.s.DoSFilter as managed attribute
 + 341692 Fixed deadlock if stopped while starting
 + 341736 Split jetty-nested out of war module
 + 341726 JSONPojoConverter handles characters
 + 341992 Overlayed context deployer
 + 341694 Disable AJP buffer resizing
 + 341850 Protect QTP dump from bad stacks
 + JETTY-1245 Pooled Buffers implementation
 + JETTY-1354 Added jetty-nested
 + Ensure generated fragment names are unique
 + Added extra session removal test

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