Release Candidate 7.0.0.RC6 - jetty & hightide

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Release Candidate 7.0.0.RC6 - jetty & hightide

Greg Wilkins-5

Jetty release candidate 7.0.0.RC6 is now available as:

 * the core jetty-distribution via
 * the extended jetty-hightide via

Despite a moderate long list of minor changes, we feel that this
RC should be the last before a 7.0.0 final.   Unless a functional
bug is found in the next week, expect 7.0.0 next week.

Please give RC6 a thorough testing.

jetty-7.0.0.RC6 September 18th 2009
 + JETTY-719 Document state machine of jetty http client
 + JETTY-780 CNFE during startup of webapp with spring-context >= 2.5.1
 + JETTY-936 274251 Improved servlet matching and optimized'
 + JETTY-1080 modify previous fix to work on windows
 + JETTY-1084 HEAD command not setting content-type in response under certain
 + JETTY-1086 Use UncheckedPrintWriter & cleaned up HttpStatus.Code usage
 + JETTY-1090 resolve potential infinite loop with webdav listener
 + JETTY-1092 MultiPartFilter can be pushed into infinite loop
 + JETTY-1093 Request.toString throws exception when size exceeds 4k
 + JETTY-1098 Default form encoding is UTF8
 + JETTY-1101 Updated servlet3 continuation constructor
 + JETTY-1105 Custom error pages aren't working
 + JETTY-1108 SSL EOF detection
 + JETTY-1112 Response fails if header exceeds buffer size
 + JETTY-1113 IllegalStateException when adding servlet filters programmatically
 + 280723 Add non blocking statistics handler
 + 282543 HttpClient SSL buffer size fix
 + 283357 org.eclipse.jetty.server.HttpConnectionTest exceptions
 + 288055 jetty-client fails to resolve failed resolution attempts correctly
 + 288153 jetty-client resend doesn't reset exchange
 + 288466 LocalConnector is not thread safe
 + 288514 AbstractConnector does not handle InterruptedExceptions on shutdown
 + 288772 Failure to connect does not set status to EXCEPTED
 + 289146 formalize reload policy functionality
 + 289156 jetty-client: no longer throw runtime exception for bad authn details
 + 288182 PUT request fails during retry
 + 289221 HttpExchange does not timeout when using blocking connector
 + 289285 org.eclipse.jetty.continuation 7.0.0.RC5 imports the
org.mortbay.util.ajax package
 + 289686 HttpExchange.setStatus() has too coarse synchronization
 + Tweak DefaultServletTest under windows
 + Copy VERSION.txt to distro
 + Remove printlns from jetty-plus

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