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Release Candidate 6.1.6rc0

Greg Wilkins

Jetty release candidate 6.1.6rc0 is now available via

This release contains a number of minor fixes and many
refinements and improvements:

jetty-6.1.6rc0 - 3 October 2007
 + Added jetty.lib system property to start.config
 + AJP13 Fix on chunked post
 + Fix cached header optimization for extra characters
 + SetUID option to support setgid
 + Make mx4j used only if runtime uses jdk<1.5
 + Moved Grizzly to contrib
 + Give deployment file Scanner threads a unique name
 + Fix Host header for async client
 + Fix typo in async client onResponsetHeader method name
 + Tweak OSGi manifests to remove unneeded imports
 + Allow scan interval to be set after Scanner started
 + Add system property
 + Allow properties files on the XmlConfiguration command line.
 + Prevent infinite loop on stopping with temp dir
 + Ensure session is completed only when leaving context.
 + Update terracotta to 2.4.1 and exclude ssl classes
 + Update jasper2.1 to tag SJSAS-9_1-B58C-FCS-22_Aug_2007
 + Removal of unneeded dependencies from management, maven-plugin,
naming &  plus poms
 + Adding setUsername,setGroupname to setuid and mavenizing native build
 + UTF-8 for bayeux client
 + Added protection for response splitting with bad headers.
 + Cached user agents strings in the /org/mortbay/jetty/useragents
 + Make default time format for RequestLog match NCSA default
 + Use terracotta repo for build; make jetty a terracotta module
 + Fix patch for java5 to include cometd module
 + Added ConcatServlet to combine javascript and css
 + Add ability to persist sessions with HashSessionManager
 + Avoid FULL exception in window between blockForOutput and remote
 + Added JPackage RPM support
 + Added JSON.Convertable
 + JETTY-259 SystemRoot set for windows CGI
 + JETTY-311 avoid json keywords
 + JETTY-376 allow anything but CRLF in reason string
 + JETTY-398 Allow same WADI Dispatcher to be used across multiple
web-app contexts
 + JETTY-400 consume CGI stderr
 + JETTY-402 keep HashUserRealm in sync with file
 + JETTY-403 Allow long content length for range requests
 + JETTY-404 WebAppDeployer sometimes deploys duplicate webapp
 + JETTY-405 Default date formate for reqest log
 + JETTY-407 AJP handles unknown content length
 + JETTY-413 Make rolloveroutputstream timer daemon
 + JETTY-422 Allow <Property> values to be null in config files
 + JETTY-423 Ensure javax.servlet.forward parameters are latched on
first forward
 + JETTY-425 Handle duplicate stop calls better
 + JETTY-430 improved cometd logging
 + JETTY-431 HttpClient soTimeout

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