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Release 6.1.8

Greg Wilkins-5
Jetty release 6.1.8 is now available via

The release fixes numerous minor issues and adds some low risk

jetty-6.1.8 28 February 2008
 + Added QueuedThreadPool
 + Optimized QuotedStringTokenizer.quote()
 + further Optimizations and improvements of Cometd
 + add removeHandler(Handler) method to HandlerContainer interface
 + remote close throws EofException instead of IOException("Closed");
 + RetryRequest exception now extends ThreadDeath
 + Refactor of Continuation towards servlet 3.0 proposal
 + Added option to dispatch to suspended requests.
 + Delay 100 continues until getInputStream
 + Added BayeuxService
 + Added JSON.Convertor and non static JSON instances
 + Add "mvn jetty:stop"
 + allow sessions to be periodically persisted to disk
 + Cookie support in BayeuxClient
 + grizzly fixed for posts
 + Improved Cometd timeout handling
 + Optimizations and improvements of Cometd, more pooled objects
 + Long cache for JSON
 + Update java5 patch
 + Add removeHandler(Handler) method to HandlerContainer interface
 + Fixed JSON negative numbers
 + Improved Bayeux API
 + Remove duplicate commons-logging jars and include sslengine in jboss sar
 + Allow code ranges on ErrorPageErrorHandler
 + JSON unquotes /
 + AJP handles bad mod_jk methods
 + JETTY-282 Support manually-triggered reloading by maven plugin
 + JETTY-350 log ssl errors on SslSocketConnector
 + JETTY-417 JETTY_LOGS environment variable not queried by
 + JETTY-433 ContextDeployer constructor fails unnecessarily when using a security manager if jetty.home not set
 + JETTY-434 ContextDeployer scanning of sub-directories should be optional
 + JETTY-481 Handle empty Bayeux response
 + JETTY-489 Improve doco on the jetty.port property for plugin
 + JETTY-490 Fixed JSONEnumConvertor
 + JETTY-491 opendocument mime types
 + JETTY-492 Null pointer in HashSSORealm
 + JETTY-493 JSON handles BigDecimals
 + JETTY-498 Improved cookie parsing
 + JETTY-507 Fixed encoding from JETTY-388 and test case
 + JETTY-508 Extensible cometd handlers
 + JETTY-509 Fixed JSONP transport for changing callback names
 + JETTY-511 mishandled JETTY_HOME when launched from a relative path
 + JETTY-512 add slf4j as optional to manifest
 + JETTY-513 Terracotta session replication does not work when the initial page on each server does not set any attributes
 + JETTY-515 Timer is missing scavenging Task in HashSessionManager

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