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Release 6.1.7

Greg Wilkins-5

Jetty release 6.1.7 is now available via

This release fixes a high priority security vulnerability (introduced in 6.1.5rc1).
It is highly recommended that all users of jetty 6.1.x upgrade to 6.1.7.
The vulnerability allows static content within WEB-INF and behind security
constraints to be viewed.

jetty-6.1.7 - 22 December 2007
 + Added BayeuxService
 + Added JSON.Convertor and non static JSON instances
 + Add "mvn jetty:stop"
 + allow sessions to be periodically persisted to disk
 + Cookie support in BayeuxClient
 + grizzly fixed for posts
 + jetty-6.1 branch created from 6.1.6 and r593 of jetty-contrib trunk
 + Optimizations and improvements of Cometd, more pooled objects
 + Update java5 patch
 + JETTY-386 backout fix and replaced with ContextHandler.setCompactPath(boolean)
 + JETTY-467 allow URL rewriting to be disabled.
 + JETTY-468 unique holder names for addServletWithMapping
 + JETTY-474 Fixed case sensitivity issue with HttpFields
 + JETTY-486 Improved script
 + JETTY-487 Handle empty chunked request

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