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Release 6.1.4

Greg Wilkins

Jetty Release 6.1.4 is now available via

This release has a number of important fixes that greatly
improved the stability and scalability of Jetty 6.   It is
highly recommended that development and production installations
switch to Jetty 6.1.4.

jetty-6.1.4 - 15 Jun 2007
 + fixed early open() call in NIO connectors
 + JETTY-370 ensure maxIdleTime<=0 means connections never expire
 + JETTY-371 Fixed chunked HEAD response
 + JETTY-372 make test for cookie caching more rigorous

jetty-6.1.4rc1 - 10 Jun 2007
 + Work around IBM JVM socket close issue
 + moved documentation for jetty and jspc maven plugins to wiki
 + async client improvements
 + fixed handling of large streamed files
 + Fixed synchronization conflict SslSelectChannel and SelectChannel
 + Optional static content cache
 + JETTY-310 better exception when no filter file for cometd servlet
 + JETTY-323 handle htaccess without a user realm
 + JETTY-346 add wildcard support to extra scan targets for maven plugin
 + JETTY-355 extensible SslSelectChannelConnector
 + JETTY-357 cleaned up ssl buffering
 + JETTY-360 allow connectors, userRealms to be added from a <jettyConfig> for maven plugin
 + JETTY-361 prevent url encoding of dir listings for non-link text
 + JETTY-362 More object locks
 + JETTY-365 make needClientAuth work on SslSelectChannelConnector
 + JETTY-366 JETTY-368 Improved bayeux disconnect

jetty-6.1.4rc0 - 1 Jun 2007
 + Reorganized import of contrib modules
 + Unified JMX configuration
 + Updated slf4j version to 1.3.1
 + Updated junit to 3.8.2
 + Allow XmlConfiguration properties to be configured
 + Add (commented out) jspc precompile to test-webapp
 + Add slf4j-api for upgraded version
 + Change scope of fields for Session
 + Add ability to run cometd webapps to maven plugin
 + Delay ssl handshake until after dispatch in sslSocketConnector
 + Set so_timeout during ssl handshake as an option on SslSocketConnector
 + Optional send Date header. Server.setSendDateHeader(boolean)
 + update etc/jetty-ssl.xml with new handshake timeout setting
 + fixed JSP close handling
 + improved date header handling
 + fixed waiting continuation reset
 + JETTY-257 fixed comet cross domain
 + JETTY-309 fix applied to sslEngine
 + JETTY-317 rollback inclusion of cometd jar for maven plugin
 + JETTY-318 Prevent meta channels being created
 + JETTY-330 Allow dependencies with scope provided for jspc plugin
 + JETTY-335 SslEngine overflow fix
 + JETTY-337 deprecated get/setCipherSuites and added get/setExcludeCipherSuites
 + JETTY-338 protect isMoreInBuffer from destroy
 + JETTY-339 MultiPartFiler deletes temp files on IOException
 + JETTY-340 FormAuthentication works with null response
 + JETTY-344 gready fill in ByteArrayBuffer.readFrom
 + JETTY-345 fixed lost content with blocked NIO.
 + JETTY-347 Fixed type util init
 + JETTY-352 Object locks

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