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Release 6.1.25

Greg Wilkins

Jetty release 6.1.25 is now available via

This is a minor maintenance release that fixes the following issues:

Jetty-6.1.25 26 July 2010
 + Jetty-6 is now in maintenance mode.
 + JETTY-1212 Long content lengths
 + JETTY-1214 Avoid ISE when scavenging invalid session
 + JETTY-1223 DefaultServlet: NPE when setting relativeResourceBase and resourceBase is not set
 + JETTY-1226 javax.activation needs to be listed in the system classes
 + JETTY-1237 Remember local/remote details of endpoint
 + JETTY-1251 protected against closed selector
 + COMETD-112 if two threads create the same channel, then create events may occur after subscribe events
 + 320264 Removed duplicate entries