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Release 6.1.24

Greg Wilkins

Jetty release 6.1.24 is now available via

This release contains a few minor fixes plus an upgrade to the
cometd-1.1.1 release.   This is expected to be the last release
of jetty-6 for the imminent future. All new development is on
the jetty-7 release.

jetty-6.1.24 21 April 2010
 + JETTY-903 Stop both caches
 + JETTY-1198 reset idle timeout on request body chunks
 + JETTY-1200 SSL NIO Endpoint wraps non NIO buffers
 + JETTY-1211 SetUID loadlibrary name and debug
 + 308925 Protect the test webapp from remote access
 + COMETD-99 ClientImpl logs exceptions in listeners with "debug" level
 + COMETD-100 ClientImpl logs "null" as clientId
 + COMETD-107 Reloading the application with reload extension does not fire /meta/connect handlers until long poll timeout expires
 + Upgraded to cometd 1.1.1 client

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