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Release 6.1.23

Greg Wilkins

Jetty Release 6.1.23 is now available via

This release contains many minor fixes and improvements, plus an upgrade
to cometd 1.1.0 client.

While there are no urgent fixes, it is highly recommended that users
upgrade to 6.1.23 if they are unable to upgrade to jetty-7.

jetty-6.1.23 2 April 2010
 + JSON parses NaN as null
 + Updated JSP to 2.1.v20091210
 + COMETD-28 Improved concurrency usage in Bayeux and channel handling
 + COMETD-46 reset ContentExchange content on resend
 + COMETD-58 Extension.rcv() return null causes NPE in AbstractBayeux.PublishHandler.publish
 + COMETD-59 AcknowledgeExtension does not handle null channel in Message
 + COMETD-62 Delay add listeners until after client construction
 + 296569 removeLifeCycleListener() has no effect
 + 292800 ContextDeployer - recursive setting is undone by FilenameFilter
 + 300178 HttpClients opens too many connections that are immediately closed
 + 304658 Inconsistent Expires date format in Set-Cookie headers with maxAge=0
 + 304698 org.eclipse.jetty.http.HttpFields$DateGenerator.formatCookieDate() uses wrong (?) date format
 + 306331 Session manager is kept after call to doScope
 + 306840 suppress content-length in requests without content
 + 307847 Fixed combining mime type parameters
 + Remove references to old content in HttpClient client tests for
 + JETTY-875 Allow setting of advice field in response to Handshake
 + JETTY-983 Range handling cleanup
 + JETTY-1133 Handle multiple URL ; parameters
 + JETTY-1134 BayeuxClient: Connect msg should be sent as array
 + JETTY-1149 transient should be volatile in AbstractLifeCycle
 + JETTY-1153 System property for UrlEncoded charset
 + JETTY-1155 HttpConnection.close notifies HttpExchange
 + JETTY-1156 SSL blocking close with JVM Bug busy key fix
 + JETTY-1157 Don't hold array passed in write(byte[])
 + JETTY-1158 NPE in StdErrLog when Throwable is null
 + JETTY-1161 An Extension that measures round-trip delay for cometd messages.
 + JETTY-1162 Add support for async/sync message delivery to BayeuxClient
 + JETTY-1163 AJP13 forces 8859-1 encoding
 + JETTY-1168 Don't hold sessionIdManager lock when invalidating sessions
 + JETTY-1170 NPE on client when server-side extension returns null
 + JETTY-1174 Close rather than finish Gzipstreams to avoid JVM leak
 + JETTY-1174 Memory leak in ChannelImpl/ContinuationClient
 + JETTY-1175 NPE in TimesyncExtension
 + JETTY-1176 NPE in StatisticsExtension if client is null
 + JETTY-1177 Allow error handler to set cacheControl
 + JETTY-1178 Make continuation servlet to log the incoming JSON in case of parsing errors
 + JETTY-1180 Extension methods are wrongly called
 + JETTY-1182 COMETD-76 do not lock client while sending messages.
 + JETTY-1182 Reduce synchronization in ContinuationCometdServlet
 + JETTY-1183 AcknowledgedMessagesClientExtension does not handle correctly message resend when client long polls again
 + JETTY-1186 Better document JMX setup in jetty-jmx.xml
 + JETTY-1188 Null old jobs in QueuedThreadPool
 + JETTY-1191 Limit size of ChannelId cache
 + JETTY-1192 Fixed Digested POST and HttpExchange onRetry
 + JETTY-1193 Exception details are lost in AbstractCometdServlet.getMessages
 + JETTY-1195 Coalesce buffers in ChannelEndPoint.flush()
 + JETTY-1196 Enable TCP_NODELAY by default in client connectors
 + JETTY-1197 SetUID module test fails when using Java 1.6 to build
 + JETTY-1199 FindBugs cleanups
 + JETTY-1205 Memory leak in browser-to-client mapping
 + JETTY-1207 NPE protection in FormAuthenticator
 + JETTY-1202 Use platfrom default algorithm for SecureRandom

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