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Release 6.1.0pre2

Greg Wilkins-5

Jetty pre-release 6.1.0pre2 is now available via

This release fixes an error in pre1 that prevented the static resource
cache from being flushed.

6.1.x is the development series of Jetty and contains many new features that
are now ready for some serious testing:

 + New hot deployer!
 + JBoss integration.
 + AJP connector
 + SSL Engine connector (non-blocking!)
 + Grizzly connector
 + cometd implementation

There are also some valuable bug fixes and optimizations in this release.
Also the beginnings of an async HTTP client API.

jetty-6.1.0pre1 - 20 Nov 2006
    + Added extraClassPath to WebAppContext
    + Fixed resource cache flushing
    + Clean up jboss module licensing

jetty-6.1.0pre1 - 19 Nov 2006
    + Use ContextDeployer as main deployer in jetty.xml
    + Added extras/jboss
    + Major refactor of SelectChannel EndPoint for client selector
    + Fixed NPE in bio.SocketEndPoint.getRemoteAddr()
    + Reverted UnixCrypt to use coersions (that effected results)
    + JETTY-151 Idle timeout only applies to blocking operations
    + alternate optimizations of writer (use -Dbuffer.writers=true)
    + JETTY-171 Fixed filter mapping
    + JETTY-172 use getName() instead of toString
    + JETTY-173 restore servletpath after dispatch
    + release resource lookup in Default servlet
    + Simplified ResourceCache and Default servlet
    + Added override descriptor for deployment of RO webapps
    + Added hierarchical destroy of mbeans
    + JETTY-151 refactored writers

jetty-6.1.0pre0 - 21 Oct 2006
    + add <Property> replacement in jetty xml config files
    + make .tag files work in packed wars
    + add hot deployment capability
    + ensure setContextPath() works when invoked from jetty-web.xml
    + ensure sessions nulled out on request recycle; ensure session null after invalidate
    + ensure "" returned for ServletContext.getContextPath() for root context
    + Fixed tld parsing for maven plugin
    + Improved * files and specialized some MBean
    + Added conversion Object -> ObjectName for the result of method calls made on MBeans
    + JETTY-129 ServletContextListeners called after servlets are initialized
    + change examples/test-jndi-webapp so it can be regularly built
    + added isStopped() in LifeCycle and AbstractLifeCycle
    + fixed isUserInRole checking for JAASUserRealm
    + fixed ClassCastException in JAASUserRealm.setRoleClassNames(String[])
    + add a maven-jetty-jspc-plugin to do jspc precompilation
    + added examples/test-jaas-webapp
    + (re)make JAAS classes available to webapp classloader
    + CGI example in test webapp
    + Plugin shutdown context before stopping it.
    + Added concept of bufferred endpoint
    + Factored ErrorPageErrorHandler out of WebAppContext
    + Refactored ErrorHandler to avoid statics
    + Transforming classloader does not transform resources.
    + SocketConnector closes all connections in doStop
    + Improved charset handling in URLs
    + minor optimization of bytes to UTF8 strings
    + JETTY-112 ContextHandler checks if started
    + JETTY-113 support optional query char encoding on requests
    + JETTY-114 removed utf8 characters from code
    + JETTY-115 Fixed addHeader
    + added cometd chat demo
    + JETTY-119 cleanedup Security optimizatoin
    + Refactored session lifecycle and additional tests
    + JETTY-121 init not called on externally constructed servlets
    + JETTY-124 always initialize filter caches
    + JETTY-126 handle content > Integer.MAX_VALUE
    + JETTY-123 handle windows UNC paths
    + JETYY-120 SelectChannelConnector closes all connections on stop
    + Added ID constructor to AbstractSessionManager.Session
    + Allow session cookie to be refreshed
    + Added DataFilter configuration to cometd
    + Added extras/setuid to support start as root
    + Apply queryEncoding to getQueryString
    + JETTY-118 ignore extra content after close.
    + HttpGenerator can generate requests
    + Ported HtAccessHandler
    + Start of a client API
    + Session IDs can change worker ID
    + Default soLinger is -1 (disabled)
    + AJP Connector

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