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Release 6.0.Alpha1

Greg Wilkins-5

Releaes 6.0.Alpha1 is now available via

This release adds filters, dispatchers and web.xml support to the experimental server.

    + Dispatchers
    + Filters
    + web.xml handling

    * Totally rearchitected and rebuilt, so 10 years of cruft could be removed!
    * Improved "dependancy injection" and "inversion of control" design of components
    * Improved "interceptor" design of handlers
    * Smart split buffer design allows large buffers to only be allocated to active connections. The
      resulting memory savings allow very large buffers to be used, which increases the chance of efficient
      asynchronous flushing and of avoiding chunking.
    * Optional use of NIO Buffering so that efficient direct buffers and memory mapped files can be      used.
    * Optional use of NIO non-blocking scheduling so that threads are not allocated per connection.    * Optional use of NIO gather writes, so that for example a HTTP header and a memory mapped
    * file may be sent as sent is a single operation.
    - Missing Security
    - Missing Request Dispatchers
    - Missing web.xml based configuration
    - Missing war support

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