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Release 6.0.1

Greg Wilkins-5

Jetty stable release 6.0.1 is now available via

This release contains some minor fixes. Thanks for all the feedback
on 6.0.0

jetty-6.0.1 - 24 September 2006
    + fixed isUserInRole checking for JAASUserRealm
    + fixed ClassCastException in JAASUserRealm.setRoleClassNames(String[])
    + Improved charset handling in URLs
    + Factored ErrorPageErrorHandler out of WebAppContext
    + Refactored ErrorHandler to avoid statics
    + JETTY-112 ContextHandler checks if started
    + JETTY-114 removed utf8 characters from code
    + JETTY-115 Fixed addHeader
    + JETTY-121 init not called on externally constructed servlets
    + Improved charset handling in URLs
    + minor optimization of bytes to UTF8 strings
    + JETTY-113 support optional query char encoding on requests
    + JETTY-124 always initialize filter caches
    + JETYY-120 SelectChannelConnector closes all connections on stop

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