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Release 6.0.0rc3

Greg Wilkins-5

Jetty release candidate 6.0.0rc3 is now available via

This release contains minor cleanups of the build process and some error handling.
We expect to make this into a stable 6.0.0 later this week if no problems are

jetty-6.0.0rc3 - 1 September 2006
    + pulled 6.0.0 branch
    + turn URLConnection caching off when searching for tlds [JETTY-103]
    + Move MailSessionReference to org.mortbay.naming.factories
    + Less verbose handling of BadResources from bad URLs
    + Avoid double error handling of Bad requests
    + don't warn for content length on head requests
    + temp fix for JETTY-104 (raised glassfish ISSUE-1044) hide
      JSP forced path attribute
    + Fixed JETTY-68. Complete request after sendRedirect
    + Transferred the sslengine patch from the patches directory to extras

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