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Release 6.0.0rc2

Greg Wilkins-5

Jetty release candidate 6.0.0rc2 is now available via

This fixes a NPE added in RC1 and suppresses a few additional verbose warnings.
If there are no major problems in the next week, then we are targeting september 1
for a 6.0.0 !

jetty-6.0.0rc2 - 25 August 2006
    + use mvn -Dslf4j=false jetty:run to disable use of slf4j logging with jdk1.4/jsp2.0
    + added org.apache.commons.logging package to system classes that can't be overridden by a webapp classloader
    + mvn -Djetty.port=x jetty:run uses port number given for the default connector
    + Fixed NPE when no resource cache
    + Refactored WebXmlConfiguration to allow custom web.xml resource
    + Moved more utility packagtes to the util jar
    + Direct buffer useage is optional
    + Destroy HttpConnection to improve buffer pooling
    + Timestamp in StdErrLog

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