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Release 6.0.0rc1

Greg Wilkins-5

Jetty release candidate 6.0.0rc1 is now available via

While the changes list is large for an RC, many of these items are new features
that are isolated in their own modules (and will not be stable for 6.0.0).

There was only one major change to the core protocol engine (direct filling of
static content), so stability is close even if it does not look it.

The next release is targeted for the end of August and I hope that will be
a 6.0.0 rather than an rc2

jetty-6.0.0rc1 - 16 August 2006
    + Support for binding References and Referenceables and javax.mail.Sessions in JNDI
    + Added TransformingWebAppClassLoader for spring 2.0 byte code modification support
    + Ensure classes come before dependencies for plugin [JETTY-90]
    + Fixed FD leak for bad TCP acks. JETTY-63
    + new Server().addHandler(handler) no longer throws NPE [JETTY-87]
    + Change path mapping so that a path spec of /foo/* does not match / : JETTY-88
    + add <requestLog> config param to jetty plugin
    + Improve Ssl config JETTY-85 JETTY-86 (TrustManager and SecureRandom are now configurable;
      better handling of null/default values)
    + parse jsp-property-group in web.xml for additional JSP servlet mappings
    + protected setContentType from being set during include
    + added toString() on JAASUserPrincipal (JETTY-91)
    + added modules/spring with XmlBeanFactory configuration
    + removed support for lowResources from SelectChannelConnector
    + added start of cometd implementation (JSON only)
    + added start of grizzly connector
    + removed org.mortbay. from context system classes configuration
    + -DSTOP.PORT must be specified.
    + moved optional modules to extras
    + fixed bug that caused Response.setStatus to ignore the provided message
    + refactored resource cache
    + Allow direct filling of buffers for uncached static content.
    + Added simple ResourceHandler and FileServer example

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