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Release 6.0.0beta17


Release jetty-6.0.0beta17 is available from:

This release is not a release candidate as a few too many things

This release includes:

jetty-6.0.0beta17 - 1/6/2006
    + Added option to disable memory mapped file buffers for windows
    + Added Request.isHandled()
    + Refactored Synchronization of SelectChannelConnector
    + Recovered repository from Codehaus crash
    + ContextHandler.setConnectors replace setHosts
    + Connector lowResourceMaxIdleTime  implemented.
    + Default servlet checks for aliases resources
    + Added clover reports and enough tests to get >50% coverage
    + Fixed IE SSL issue.
    + Implemented runAs on servlets
    + Flush will flush all bytes rather than just some.
    + Protected WEB-INF and META-INF
    + don't reset headers during forward
    + BoundedThreadPool.doStop waits for threads to complete

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