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Release 6.0.0beta11

Greg Wilkins-5
Jetty release 6.0.0beta11 is now available via

This release adds some key new features such as JAAS, web app specific
JNDI resources, joda time option as well as several fixes and optimizations.

jetty-6.0.0beta11 - 14/3/2006
    + added JAAS
    + fixed FORM authentication
    + moved dtd and xsd to standard javax location
    + added patch to use joda-time
    + refactored session ID management
    + refactored configuration files and start()
    + fixed ; decoding in URIs
    + Added HttpURI and improved UTF-8 parsing.
    + refactored writers and improved UTF-8 generation.

jetty-6.0.0beta10 25/2/2006
    + Added support for java:comp/env
    + Added support for pluggable transaction manager
    + Forward masks include attributes and vice versa
    + Fixed default servlet handling of includes
    + Additional accessors for request logging
    + added getLocalPort() to connector
    + Fixed content-type for range requests
    + Fix for sf1435795 30sec delay from c taylor
    + Fix for myfaces and include with close
    + Fix sf1431936 don't chunk the chunk
    + Fix hi byte reader
    + Updates javax to MR2 release

jetty-6.0.0beta9 9/2/2006
    + PathMap for direct context mapping.
    + Refactored chat demo and upgraded prototype.js
    + Continuation cleanup
    + Fixed unraw decoding of query string
    + Fixed dispatch of wrapped requests.
    + Fixed double flush of short content.
    + Added request log.
    + Added CGI servlet.
    + Force a tempdir to be set.
    + Force jasper scratch dir.
    + fixed setLocale bug sf1426940
    + Added TLD tag listener handling.

jetty-6.0.0beta8 24/1/2006
    + fixed dispatch of new session problem. sf:1407090
    + reinstated rfc2616 test harness
    + Handle pipeline requests without hangs
    + Removed queue from thread pool.
    + improved caching of content types
    + fixed bug in overloaded write method on HttpConnection (reported against Tapestry4.0)
    + hid org.apache.commons.logging and org.slf4j packages from webapp
    + maven-jetty6-plugin stopped transitive inclusion of log4j and
      commons-logging from commons-el for jasper
    + patch to remove spurious ; in HttpFields
    + improve buffer return mechanism.
    + conveniance addHandler removeHandler methods
    + maven-jetty6-plugin: ensure compile is done before invoking jetty
    + maven-jetty6-plugin: support all types of artifact dependencies

    + Fixed infinite loop with chunk handling
    + Faster header name lookup
    + removed singleton Container
    + reduced info verbosity
    + null dispatch attributes not in names
    + maven-jetty6-plugin added tmpDirectory property
    + maven-jetty6-plugin stopped throwing an error if there is no target/classes directory

    + Fixed issue with blocking reads
    + Fixed issue with unknown headers
    + optimizations

    + Moved to SVN
    + Fixed writer char[] creations
    + Added management module for mbeans

    + System property support in plugin
    + Fixed JSP visibility security issue.
    + Improved jetty-web.xml access to org.mortbay classes.
    + Jasper 5.5.12

    + Fixed error in block read
    + Named dispatch.
    + Fixed classloader issue with server classes

    + merged util jar back into jetty jar
    + Simpler continuation API
    + loosely coupled with JSP servlet
    + loosely coupled with SLF4J
    + Improved reuse of HttpField values and cookies.
    + Improved buffer return

    + Servlet 2.5 API
    + SSL connector
    + maven2 plugin
    + shutdown hook
    + refactored start/stop
    + Implemented all listeners
    + Error pages
    + Virtual hosts
    + Multiple select sets

    + Maven 2 build
    + Dispatcher parameters
    + UTF-8 encoding for URLs
    + Fixed blocking read

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