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Release 6.0.0beta10

Greg Wilkins-5

Jetty release 6.0.0beta10 is now available via

This release has many valuable fixes, plus several key new features including
JNDI and JTA support.

The Jetty6 wiki is also developing well:
The Jetty6 jira indicates some of the issues/features we need to crack before
going stable.  Please feel free to pcik an issue from
to contribute to.

jetty-6.0.0beta10 25/2/2006
    + Added support for java:comp/env
    + Added support for pluggable transaction manager
    + Forward masks include attributes and vice versa
    + Fixed default servlet handling of includes
    + Additional accessors for request logging
    + added getLocalPort() to connector
    + Fixed content-type for range requests
    + Fix for sf1435795 30sec delay from c taylor
    + Fix for myfaces and include with close
    + Fix sf1431936 don't chunk the chunk
    + Fix hi byte reader
    + Updates javax to MR2 release

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