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Release 6.0.0

Greg Wilkins-5

Release 6.0.0 is now available via

Jetty 6.x now becomes the stable release of Jetty and the 5.1.x
series will now be in security fix only mode after it's next
maintenance release.

Jetty 6.x is a major refactoring of the Jetty code base, that
combines the best from Jetty┬┤s long history with new API's,
techniques and use-cases in order to provide a scalable server
for web 2.0 requirements.

Thankyou to everybody that has contributed ideas, code or even
just requirements to this major reworking of the jetty project.

jetty-6.0.0 - 10 September 2006
    + SocketConnector closes all connections in doStop
    + Conveniance builder methods for listeners and filters
    + Transforming classloader does not transform resources.
    + Plugin shutdown context before stopping it.

jetty-6.0.0rc4 - 5 September 2006
    + bind jetty-env.xml entries to java:comp/env
    + Fix for JETTY-107. Poor cast in SessionDump demo.
    + Set charset on error pages

jetty-6.0.0rc3 - 1 September 2006
    + pulled 6.0.0 branch
    + turn URLConnection caching off when searching for tlds [JETTY-103]
    + Move MailSessionReference to org.mortbay.naming.factories
    + Less verbose handling of BadResources from bad URLs
    + Avoid double error handling of Bad requests
    + don't warn for content length on head requests
    + temp fix for JETTY-104 (raised glassfish ISSUE-1044) hide
      JSP forced path attribute
    + Fixed JETTY-68. Complete request after sendRedirect
    + Transferred the sslengine patch from the patches directory to extras

jetty-6.0.0rc2 - 25 August 2006
    + use mvn -Dslf4j=false jetty:run to disable use of slf4j logging with jdk1.4/jsp2.0
    + added org.apache.commons.logging package to system classes that can't be overridden by a webapp classloader
    + mvn -Djetty.port=x jetty:run uses port number given for the default connector
    + Fixed NPE when no resource cache
    + Refactored WebXmlConfiguration to allow custom web.xml resource
    + Moved more utility packagtes to the util jar
    + Direct buffer useage is optional
    + Destroy HttpConnection to improve buffer pooling
    + Timestamp in StdErrLog

jetty-6.0.0rc1 - 16 August 2006
    + Support for binding References and Referenceables and javax.mail.Sessions in JNDI
    + Added TransformingWebAppClassLoader for spring 2.0 byte code modification support
    + Ensure classes come before dependencies for plugin [JETTY-90]
    + Fixed FD leak for bad TCP acks. JETTY-63
    + new Server().addHandler(handler) no longer throws NPE [JETTY-87]
    + Change path mapping so that a path spec of /foo/* does not match / : JETTY-88
    + add <requestLog> config param to jetty plugin
    + Improve Ssl config JETTY-85 JETTY-86 (TrustManager and SecureRandom are now configurable; better handling of null/default values)
    + parse jsp-property-group in web.xml for additional JSP servlet mappings
    + protected setContentType from being set during include
    + added toString() on JAASUserPrincipal (JETTY-91)
    + added modules/spring with XmlBeanFactory configuration
    + removed support for lowResources from SelectChannelConnector
    + added start of cometd implementation (JSON only)
    + added start of grizzly connector
    + removed org.mortbay. from context system classes configuration
    + -DSTOP.PORT must be specified.
    + moved optional modules to extras
    + fixed bug that caused Response.setStatus to ignore the provided message
    + refactored resource cache
    + Allow direct filling of buffers for uncached static content.
    + Added simple ResourceHandler and FileServer example

jetty-6.0.0rc0 - 7 July 2006
    + change prefix from "jetty6" to just "jetty" for plugin: eg is now mvn jetty:run
    + allow <key> or <name> in <systemProperty> for plugin
    + simplified jetty.xml with new constructor injections
    + added setters and getters on SessionManager API for session related config: cookie name, url parameter name, domain, max age and path.
    + add ability to have a lib/ext dir from which to recursively add all jars and zips to the classpath
    + patch to allow Jetty to use JSP2.1 from Glassfish instead of Jasper from Tomcat
    + fixed classesDirectory param for maven plugin to be configurable
    + ensure explicitly set tmp directory called "work" is not deleted on exit
    + ensure war is only unpacked if war is newer than "work" directory
    + change name of generated tmp directory to be "Jetty_"+host+"_"+port+"_"+contextpath+"_"+virtualhost
    + Cleaned up idle expiry.
    + Ssl algorithm taken from system property
    + Added 8 random letters&digits to Jetty-generated tmp work dir name to ensure uniqueness
    + Simplify runtime resolution of JSP library for plugin
    + Ensure mvn clean cleans the build
    + Do not wrap EofException with EofException
    + reverse order for destroy event listeners
    + added StatisticsHandler and statistics on Connector.
    + Simplified Servlet Context API
    + Added maximum limit to filter chain cache.
    + refactor HttpChannelEndPoint in preparation for SslEngine
    + ContextHandlerCollection addContext and setContextClass
    + Discard excess bytes in header buffer if connection is closing
    + Updated javax code from
    + Threadpool does not need to be a LifeCycle
    + support graceful shutdown
    + Added WebAppContextClassLoader.newInstance to better support exensible loaders.
    + immutable getParameterMap()
    + support <load-on-startup> for SingleThreadModel
    + changed ServletContext.getResourcePaths()  to not return paths containing double slashes
    + fixed HttpGenerator convertion of non UTF-8: JETTY-82
    + added html module from jetty 5 - but deprecated until maintainer found

jetty-6.0.0beta17 - 1/6/2006
    + Added config to disable file memory mapped buffers for windows
    + Added Request.isHandled()
    + Refactored Synchronization of SelectChannelConnector
    + Recovered repository from Codehaus crash
    + ContextHandler.setConnectors replace setHosts
    + Connector lowResourceMaxIdleTime  implemented.
    + Default servlet checks for aliases resources
    + Added clover reports and enough tests to get >50% coverage
    + Fixed IE SSL issue.
    + Implemented runAs on servlets
    + Flush will flush all bytes rather than just some.
    + Protected WEB-INF and META-INF
    + don't reset headers during forward
    + BoundedThreadPool.doStop waits for threads to complete

jetty-6.0.0beta16 - 12/5/2006
    + remove a couple of System.err.printlns
    + replace backwards compativle API in UrlEncoded

jetty-6.0.0beta15 - 11/5/2006
    + Added Server attribute org.mortbay.jetty.Request.maxFormContentSize
    + Renamed NotFoundHandler to DefaultHandler
    + Added automatic scan of all WEB-INF/jetty-*.xml files for plugin
    + Added <scanTargets> parameter to allow other locations to scan for plugin
    + Major refactor to simplify Server and handler hierarchy
    + setSendServerVersion method added to Server to control sending of Server: http header
    + removed SelectBlockingChannelConnector (unmaintained)
    + Improved HttpException
    + Moved more resources to resources
    + Added ThrottlingFilter and fixed race in Continuations
    + Added taglib resources to 2.1 jsp api jar
    + Reset of timer task clears expiry
    + improved MBeanContainer object removal
    + ContextHandler.setContextPath can be called after start.
    + Fixed handling of params after forward
    + Added --version to start.jar
    + Added embedded examples
    + Simplified DefaultServlet static content buffering
    + readded BoundedThreadPool shrinking (and then fixed resulting deadlock)
    + improved MBean names
    + improved support for java5 jconsole
    + Session scavenger threads from threadpool
    + Thread names include URI if debug set
    + don't accept partial authority in request line.
    + enforce 204 and 304 have no content

jetty-6.0.0beta14 - 9/4/2006
    + ignore dirs and files that don't exist in plugin scanner
    + added support for stopping jetty using "java -jar start.jar --stop"
    + added configurability for webdefault.xml in maven plugin
    + adding InvokerServlet
    + added ProxyServlet
    + stop JDBCUserRealm coercing all credentials to String
    + Change tmp dir of plugin to work to be in line with jetty convention
    + Modify plugin to select JSP impl at runtime
    + Use start.config to select which JSP impl at runtime based on jdk version
    + Added JSP 2.1 APIs from apache
    + Added Jasper 2.1 as jesper (jasper without JCL)
    + Started readding logging to jesper using jdk logging
    + fixed priority of port from url over host header
    + implemented request.isUserInRole
    + securityHandler removed if not used.
    + moved test webapps to examples directory
    + improved contentType handling and test harness
    + fixed forward bug (treated as include)
    + fixed HttpField iterator
    + added jetty-util.jar module
    + added reset to Continuation

jetty-6.0.0beta12 - 16/3/2006
    + Fixed maven plugin JNDI for redeploys
    + Fixed tld discovery for plugin (search dependencies)
    + Fixed JettyPlus for root contexts
    + Fixed error handling in error page
    + Added JSP2.0 demos to test webapp
    + Upgraded jasper to 5.5.15
    + Added provider support to SslListener
    + Log ERROR for runtimeExceptions

jetty-6.0.0beta11 - 14/3/2006
    + added JAAS
    + added webapp-specific JNDI entries
    + added missing Configurations for maven plugin
    + fixed FORM authentication
    + moved dtd and xsd to standard javax location
    + added patch to use joda-time
    + refactored session ID management
    + refactored configuration files and start()
    + fixed ; decoding in URIs
    + Added HttpURI and improved UTF-8 parsing.
    + refactored writers and improved UTF-8 generation.

jetty-6.0.0beta10 25/2/2006
    + Added support for java:comp/env
    + Added support for pluggable transaction manager
    + Forward masks include attributes and vice versa
    + Fixed default servlet handling of includes
    + Additional accessors for request logging
    + added getLocalPort() to connector
    + Fixed content-type for range requests
    + Fix for sf1435795 30sec delay from c taylor
    + Fix for myfaces and include with close
    + Fix sf1431936 don't chunk the chunk
    + Fix hi byte reader
    + Updates javax to MR2 release

jetty-6.0.0beta9 9/2/2006
    + PathMap for direct context mapping.
    + Refactored chat demo and upgraded prototype.js
    + Continuation cleanup
    + Fixed unraw decoding of query string
    + Fixed dispatch of wrapped requests.
    + Fixed double flush of short content.
    + Added request log.
    + Added CGI servlet.
    + Force a tempdir to be set.
    + Force jasper scratch dir.
    + fixed setLocale bug sf1426940
    + Added TLD tag listener handling.

jetty-6.0.0beta8 24/1/2006
    + fixed dispatch of new session problem. sf:1407090
    + reinstated rfc2616 test harness
    + Handle pipeline requests without hangs
    + Removed queue from thread pool.
    + improved caching of content types
    + fixed bug in overloaded write method on HttpConnection (reported against Tapestry4.0)
    + hid org.apache.commons.logging and org.slf4j packages from webapp
    + maven-jetty6-plugin stopped transitive inclusion of log4j and
      commons-logging from commons-el for jasper
    + patch to remove spurious ; in HttpFields
    + improve buffer return mechanism.
    + conveniance addHandler removeHandler methods
    + maven-jetty6-plugin: ensure compile is done before invoking jetty
    + maven-jetty6-plugin: support all types of artifact dependencies

    + Fixed infinite loop with chunk handling
    + Faster header name lookup
    + removed singleton Container
    + reduced info verbosity
    + null dispatch attributes not in names
    + maven-jetty6-plugin added tmpDirectory property
    + maven-jetty6-plugin stopped throwing an error if there is no target/classes directory

    + Fixed issue with blocking reads
    + Fixed issue with unknown headers
    + optimizations

    + Moved to SVN
    + Fixed writer char[] creations
    + Added management module for mbeans

    + System property support in plugin
    + Fixed JSP visibility security issue.
    + Improved jetty-web.xml access to org.mortbay classes.
    + Jasper 5.5.12

    + Fixed error in block read
    + Named dispatch.
    + Fixed classloader issue with server classes

    + merged util jar back into jetty jar
    + Simpler continuation API
    + loosely coupled with JSP servlet
    + loosely coupled with SLF4J
    + Improved reuse of HttpField values and cookies.
    + Improved buffer return

    + Servlet 2.5 API
    + SSL connector
    + maven2 plugin
    + shutdown hook
    + refactored start/stop
    + Implemented all listeners
    + Error pages
    + Virtual hosts
    + Multiple select sets

    + Maven 2 build
    + Dispatcher parameters
    + UTF-8 encoding for URLs
    + Fixed blocking read

    + Added demo for Continuations
    + Jasper and associated libraries.

    + Continuations - way cool way to suspend a request and retry later.
    + Dispatchers
    + Security

    + Filters
    + web.xml handling

    * Totally rearchitected and rebuilt, so 10 years of cruft could be removed!
    * Improved "dependancy injection" and "inversion of control" design of components
    * Improved "interceptor" design of handlers
    * Smart split buffer design allows large buffers to only be allocated to active connections. The
      resulting memory savings allow very large buffers to be used, which increases the chance of efficient
      asynchronous flushing and of avoiding chunking.
    * Optional use of NIO Buffering so that efficient direct buffers and memory mapped files can be
    * Optional use of NIO non-blocking scheduling so that threads are not allocated per connection.
    * Optional use of NIO gather writes, so that for example a HTTP header and a memory mapped
    * file may be sent as sent is a single operation.
    - Missing Security
    - Missing Request Dispatchers
    - Missing web.xml based configuration
    - Missing war support

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