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> 1) Why?

>History.  Jetty predates Servlets by several years!!!!

I noticed this after I wrote the first letter!

> is there a plan to make these classes conform with the sun versions
>of the HttpRequest/Response classes? If so, when will this be done?

>Jetty 6 has merged the two.  There are only standard request/response objects in
Jetty 6.

Excellent, I noticed Jetty 6 is in alpha. I am hesitant to include it in my app for that reason, when is the first stable version scheduled for release? I am currently using jetty 4.2.24

> 3) Is there any way at all to get access to the session objects associated
with incoming servlet requests handled by the Jetty server? I looked throughout
the API, if it is there I missed it.

>It depends on the context....  while the requests are within the >servlet
>handler, you can ask
>for the wrapping object.

Care to elaborate on what you mean by this?

>   But this is more pain than it is really worth.

>Use Jetty 6 or just use standard filters.

I'll dig into the mentioned options, thanks for your assistance.



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