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Jesse McConnell
just and update on this, I uploaded the jboss sar's earlier today but the rpm's and the deb's will be a little bit in coming, I have a devil of a time with them.


On Tue, Apr 1, 2008 at 10:46 PM, David Yu <[hidden email]> wrote:
Jetty release 6.1.9 is now available via

The release fixes numerous minor issues and adds some low risk

jetty-6.1.9 26 March 2008
+ Make javax.servlet.jsp optional osgi import for jetty module
+ Ensure Jotm tx mgr can be found in jetty-env.xml
+ JETTY-399 update OpenRemoteServiceServlet to gwt 1.4
+ JETTY-475 AJP connector in RPMs
+ JETTY-482 update to JETTY-399
+ JETTY-519 HttpClient does not recycle closed connection.
+ JETTY-522 Add build profile for macos for setuid
+ JETTY-525 Fixed decoding for long strings
+ JETTY-526 Fixed MMBean fields on JMX MBeans
+ JETTY-532 MBean properties for QueuedThreadPool
+ JETTY-535 Fixed Bayeux server side client memory leak
+ JETTY-538 test harness fix for windows
+ JETTY-541 Cometd per client timeouts

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