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Greg Wilkins-5

Tina Ting-Ting Chen wrote:
> ...I use the HTML package a lot.
> I've just read the APIs for Jetty 6 and noticed that the HTML package has been taken out...  
> Is it really so?!


The HTML classes are getting a little out of date.

But if somebody was to give them a once over, then I'd be happy to include
them as a module in jetty 6.

Specifically they need:

  + to be updated to produce xhtml compliant html (with optional xhtml header).
  + to better support doc types
  + to better support character encoding
  + remove 10 years of cruft.

As you are not the first to express interest in these classes recently, I've CC'd
this to the support and discuss lists to see if we can spark any interest
in updating these classes.   It would be a good first contribution for anybody
wanting to help out the jetty project.


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