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Tibor Varga
Hi Jan,

Yes, it helped, thank you. I had no idea that this feature was included
only in the snapshot version.

Thanks again,

Jan Bartel wrote:
 > Tibor,
 > It would be best if you post questions like this to the list, so that
 > everyone gets to benefit from the answer.
 > Anyway, that said, while we're here:
 > I think you are not using a snapshot version of the plugin. No release
 > has been done yet, so you must use a snapshot version. There are
 > instructions
 > on the maven plugin page here
 > on how to specify a snapshot repositority in your pom to get the snapshot
 > version of the plugin.
 > hope that helps,
 > Jan
 >> Hi Jan,
 >> Not sure what I'm doing wrong but no matter what version of the plugin
 >> I download, I only get the jetty6:run goal, none of the other two,
 >> jetty6:run-war and jetty6:run-exploded are in the plugin JAR.
 >> Could you advise me what to do to get the run-war plugin? I'd need
 >> that because it's only at packaging time that my transitive run-time
 >> dependencies get resolved by maven2, all those are missing from my
 >> project's target directory.
 >> Regards,
 >> Tibor

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