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james lee-13
On 2005-06-22 02:16, Greg Wilkins wrote regarding [jetty-discuss]  HEAD
download size in log:

Hi Greg,

> I"d say this is more of a difference than a problem....

Clearly it's not critical but given the output bytes are written at
all they might as well be meaningful.  Adding the HEAD bytes to the
totals makes the total wrong so I'd say it was a problem.

I think I was alerted to this when an AOL proxy cache did a large
number of HEADs.  My web stats showed I sent out more bytes than
my connection can pass.  My byte output stats are thus useless.

> If you want, you can easily patch the NCSARequestLog class to
> have - for HEAD requests.

> If others think this is the right way to act - I"ll patch the
> next release.

It is only a minor issue but has anyone an objection to not adding
the HEAD bytes?  ie, only bytes sent are logged which mimics the
behaviour of other web servers.


> James Lee wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > When I do a HEAD request jetty records the full file size in
> > the log file.
> >
> > When I do a HEAD to apache it records "-".
> >
> > Both analog/reportmagic and webalizer add the HEAD bytes to
> > the totals, which is false.
> >
> > Problem in jetty or log analysis?
> >
> > (Jetty version 5.1.4)

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