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[RELEASE] Jetty 7.0.0pre1

Jesse McConnell-4
The Jetty 7.0.0pre1 release is now available in the maven central repository!

The traditional bundle that jetty is released with is located at:


We are in the process of getting the release available in the normal
jetty download locations.

The changes in this pre-release since 7.0.0pre0 are as follows:

 + Allow annotations example to be built regularly, copy to contexts-available
 + Make annotations example consistent with servlet 3.0
 + Refactor JNDI impl to simplify
 + Improved suspend examples
 + address osgi bundling issue relating to build resources
 + JETTY-529 CNFE when deserializing Array from session resolved
 + JETTY-558 optional handling of X-Forwarded-For/Host/Server
 + JETTY-559 ignore unsupported shutdownOutput
 + JETTY-566 allow for non-blocking behavior in jetty maven plugin
 + JETTY-440 allow file name patterns for jsp compilation for jspc plugin


jesse mcconnell
[hidden email]

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