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[RELEASE] Jetty 7.0.0pre0

Jesse McConnell-4
The time has come to get the first pre-release of jetty7 out the door
for review and comment.

This release contains a number of bug fixes as well as raising the bar
in a couple of important areas.

- jdk1.5 minimum requirement
- servlet spec 3.0 sampler with suspend and resume functionalities

NOTE: This is a large disclaimer that the changes for servlet-3.0 are
only proposed and that there is no final servlet-3.0 spec yet. The new
methods for trial purposes are:

 servletContext:  addServlet, addServletMapping, addFilter, addFilterMapping
 cookie: setHttpOnly, isHttpOnly
 request: getServletContext, getServletResponse, suspend, resume,
complete, isSuspended, isResumed, isTimeout, isInitial
 response:  disable, enable, isDisabled
 servletRequestListener: requestSuspended, requestResumed, requestCompleted

These are explained in greater detail in the javadoc.  For an idea on
how some of this functionality can be used I'll shamelessly link to a
blog entry on it here:

A more complete list of the jira issues resolved in this release are
included at the end of this mail.

Also included in this release, or at least backing it up, were a
number of build related changes that I went into greater detail on
the mailing lists and here

This represents the first of a series of jetty 7 pre-releases and we
look forward to hearing what people think of the new functionalities.
We'll definitely keep writing on different aspects of the evolving
servlet spec and other jetty developments.

Also we will be working on updating the wiki to reflect the upcoming
jetty 7 releases and also will work to getting the various installers
converted to jetty7 but for now you can get the traditional style
jetty bundle from the repository at the following location:


Key points and Resolved JIRA issues are:

  + Refactor of Continuation towards servlet 3.0 proposal
  + JETTY-282 Support manually-triggered reloading by maven plugin
  + QueuedThreadPool default
  + RetryRequest exception now extends ThreadDeath
  + Added option to dispatch to suspended requests.
  + Delay 100 continues until getInputStream
  + HttpClient supports pipelined request
  + BayeuxClient use a single connection for polling
  + Renamed modules management and naming to jmx and jndi.
  + maven-jetty-plugin renamed to jetty-maven-plugin
  + JETTY-282 Support manually-triggered reloading by maven plugin
  + JETTY-341 100-Continues sent only after getInputStream called.
  + JETTY-386 backout fix and replaced with
  + JETTY-467 allow URL rewriting to be disabled.
  + JETTY-468 unique holder names for addServletWithMapping
  + JETTY-474 Fixed case sensitivity issue with HttpFields
  + JETTY-486 Improved jetty.sh script
  + JETTY-487 Handle empty chunked request
  + JETTY-494 Client side session replication
  + JETTY-523 Default servlet uses ServletContext.getResource
  + JETTY-524 Don't synchronize session event listener calls
  + JETTY-528 Factor our cookie parsing to CookieCutter
  + JETTY-530 Improved JMX MBeanContainer lifecycle
  + JETTY-531 Optional expires on MovedContextHandler
  + JETTY-540 Servlet-3.0 & java5 support (work in progress)
  + JETTY-543 Atomic batch get and put of files.
  + JETTY-545 Rewrite handler
  + JETTY-546 Webapp runner. All in one jar to run a webapps
  + JETTY-550 Reading 0 bytes corrupts ServletInputStream
  + JETTY-556 Encode all URI fragments
  + JETTY-557 Allow ServletContext.setAttribute before start


jesse mcconnell
[hidden email]

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