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[RELEASE] Jetty 6.1.10

Jesse McConnell
Jetty 6.1.10 is released!

Binaries are located at:


Rpms will be available soon in their normal locations.

Issues resolved in this release are as follows:

jetty-6.0.10 20 May 2008
 + Use QueuedThreadPool as default
 + JETTY-440 allow file name patterns for jsp compilation for jspc plugin
 + JETTY-529 CNFE when deserializing Array from session resolved
 + JETTY-537 JSON handles Locales
 + JETTY-547 Shutdown SocketEndpoint output before close
 + JETTY-550 Reading 0 bytes corrupts ServletInputStream
 + JETTY-551 Upgraded to Wadi 2.0-M10
 + JETTY-556 Encode all URI fragments
 + JETTY-557 Allow ServletContext.setAttribute before start
 + JETTY-558 optional handling of X-Forwarded-For/Host/Server
 + JETTY-566 allow for non-blocking behavior in jetty maven plugin
 + JETTY-572 unique cometd client ID
 + JETTY-579 osgi fixes with management and servlet resources


jesse mcconnell
[hidden email]

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