Problems with Spring, Jetty and SimpleUrlHandlerMapping

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Problems with Spring, Jetty and SimpleUrlHandlerMapping

Ståle Undheim
After all the fuss I have heard about Spring, I decided I wanted to
check it out for myself.

My basic setup for running webapps is eclipse, using the jetty
launcher to start jetty applications (Basically, it just generates a
big command line that it uses to start jetty, including the classpath
from eclipse, and setting the webapp folder to where I choose).

I started out with the example at
but I haven't made it past the first page yet.

Basically I have to go to the URL
http://localhost:8080/springapp/hello.htm - which will use the
argument "hello.htm" to map to my class.

Now, by now you might think that this belongs in the Spring framework
mailling list. The reason I post here is that when I examined the
code, I saw how Spring extracts the "hello.htm" part from the request
URI. Condensed, the code is something like this:

Note: this is a root webapp, springapp is the servlet.

String contextPath = request.getContextPath() # ""
String requestURI = request.getRequestURI() # "/springapp/hello.htm"

String pathWithinApp = requestUri.substring(contextPath.length()) #
String servletPath = request.getServletPath() # "/springapp/hello.htm"

return pathWithinApp.substring(servletPath.length()) # ""

So, the result of pathWithinApp and servletPath is the same, while I
suspect Spring expects servletPath to only contain the servlet part
("/springapp") of the URI. I was unsure wether this was Spring using
the servlet API wrong or Jetty implementing it wrong. But the JavaDoc
on the Servlet API says:
Returns the part of this request's URL that calls the servlet. This
includes either the servlet name or a path to the servlet, but does
not include any extra path information or a query string. Same as the
value of the CGI variable SCRIPT_NAME

Am I doing something wrong with Spring or Jetty? Or have I found a bug?
Tested with 4.2.24 and 5.1.3 version of Jetty, Spring framework 1.2.

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